The storm door installed on the premises at the address specified in this Warranty by Arch Angle Mfg. is for a period of one year against craftsmanship defects. The powder on the door and all powder coated parts are warranted for ten years against normal wear.

Excluded from this warranty is any damage caused by shipping, installation and normal fading from exposure to sun and elements as would be on any painted product. The warranty also does not cover any damage that would result from accidents as in natural disasters, neglect or vandalism. It does not cover any damage to prime door due to the heat build up from the installation of a storm door. The warranty is void if the door chain has not been installed to protect against wind gusts.*

The warranty would include repainting or replacing any damaged product determined to be the fault of the manufacturer. It does not include uninstalling, installing or shipping; it covers the product only and return shipping.

Any claims for defects under this warranty should be submitted in writing to: Arch Angle Window and Door, 6979 Wooster Pike, Medina, OH 44256. You may also contact the manufacturer by calling: (330) 723-2551.

This warranty shall be for the benefit of the original Property Owner and any transfers within the stated Warranty periods and is limited to material costs of repair or replacement for defective parts and return transportation costs as provided, and does not include broken glass or torn screen. (Unless noted at time of delivery or installation).

*Excluded from this warranty is any leaking/weeping that would happen on a storm door totally exposed to the elements without any rain diversion or structural overhang. The only permanent solution to a storm door leaking if installed properly and sealed around the entire perimeter is to seal the glass in place permanently so that rain does not pool in the lip holding the glass.