The best product is only as good as the installation, especially on high end, custom designed and manufactured doors. We work with dealers and verified home improvement professionals who accurately measure, provide templates and install our custom products. We are happy to recommend a dealer for you.

Maintenance Care for your Investment

A clean, soft damp cloth and mild soap is recommended to remove dust and finger prints from both the window and hardware.

A spray and wax type product can be used on hardware to protect from the elements, or left to age naturally as would be oil rubbed bronze.

DO NOT USE ANYTHING ABRASIVE OR WOULD CONTAIN HARSH SOLVENTS. Even a coarse cloth rubbed on the edges could wear through the paint. Be careful of any sharp objects striking the window or the hardware which would scratch the surfaces.

For custom ordered Low-E glass, contact the manufacturer for special care instruction if not packaged with your product.

Weather seals can be carefully cleaned with mild soap and water.