“We purchased a storm door from your company around March 2008. My husband, David and I would like to express gratitude to the staff for all the help they gave us with this purchase.

We had purchased a 1927 Old English Tudor House with the curved top doors. The house had been burnt and we were going to restore the house. When we started restoring the house we decided to change the front door and add a storm door to it. The house had never had a storm door because of the difficulty in locating one. The door had a natural curve top and for this reason made the door almost impossible to find. We started on our journey to find a storm door with the curved top, only to find that no one carried it in our area or would be able to order it. I located Arch Angle doors on the internet and then called and spoke with Colin. He took my information and we kept in contact until he was able to meet me and measure the door. Once the order was placed he stayed in touch with me until the door arrived and was installed.

Now my house is looking better than ever and everyone in the neighborhood is always complimenting me on my door and house. The first thing you see when you turn the curve is my house and my front door is very noticeable without a top on my entry way. People are always stopping and asking about the door and where we found it. I get compliments from all the neighbors and from their friends that visit.

I am deeply satisfied with my purchase and would encourage anyone to buy from Arch Angle Doors and Windows. We love the quality and craftsmanship of our door. The staff is very committed to making sure that the doors are to the customer’s utmost satisfaction.”

David and Darlene Crawford, Extremely satisfied customers
“I wanted to acknowledge the gratitude I have for the staff of Arch Angle Doors and Windows.

My husband Tim and I wanted to personally take out the time to “thank you” for assisting us in a way we thought was impossible. You have my permission to use this testimonial and any before or after photographs for advertising, brochures, newspaper, internet or marketing purposes. Please feel free to allow any perspective customer to contact me should they have a desire for me to expound on your company’s business.

For a first anniversary wedding present, my husband bought me a 1939 brick cape cod carriage home that was in dire need of storm doors in order to protect the original cherry entry doors. The two front doors were true round tops. My husband who is very skilled in carpentry, plumbing, masonry and renovations was willing to install the doors himself. However, we ran into obstacles whereas no company was willing to accept his measurements because the doors were considered specialty doors. I understood this because a simple mistake in measuring a specialty door could mean a disaster in expense as well as an improper fit. I searched and searched for weeks hoping to be able to find a company that would be able to install these types of doors, and ran into a dead end until I contacted your company.

Your company exemplifies professionalism, a sincere commitment to their customers, fast turn over in customizing and processing the merchandise I have requested and above all impeccable and high quality workmanship, with error proof installation. Your staff is very diligent when it comes to making sure their customers have total and complete satisfaction for services rendered.

Furthermore, your durable product has made a significant change in the appearance of our new home, by adding curb appeal and beauty, as we continue to receive a plethora of compliments from our surrounding neighbors and strangers we don’t even know.”

Respectfully submitted by an extremely satisfied customer.

April L. Sewell